2016年12月22日 星期四

H.C.B-A1717 VOLVO (V70 (00-)/S80/XC90/S60/V70 XC (01-) / XC70) FUEL TANK LID WRENCH -Auto repair tools

Product Description :
VOLVO (V70 (00-)/S80/XC90/S60/V70 XC (01-) / XC70) FUEL TANK LID WRENCH
‧Product Info‧ 
Model/Item No. : H.C.B-A1717
Country of Origin :
Brand :
Product Specifications /Features : 
* Special wrench for VOLVO fuel tank lid.
* Application:
VOLVO V70 (00-)/S80/XC90/S60/V70 XC (01-) / XC70. 
Engines: B5204T4, B5204T5, B5234T3, B5234T7, B5244S, B5244S2, B5244S6, B5244SG, B5244SG2, 
B5244T3, B5244T4, B5254T2, B6284T, B6294S, B6294S2, B6294T, B6304S3, B8444S, D5244T, D5244T2, 
D5244T3, D5252T MSA 15.8, and B5204T3. 
* VOLVO OEM no. ref.: 9995720.

More info please link: www.hcb-autotools.com